Meal Replacement Shake

Meal Replacement Shake - Palak Notes

Who Can Take?


  • People who want to lose weight
  • People with Thyroid
  • People with Diabetes
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Menopausal Women


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: I want to lose weight. Can I use Palak Notes Protein Shake?

This Weight Loss Protein Shake acts as a Meal Replacement Shake. You can use it one or two times a day to replace a meal. You can also use it in between lunch and dinner as a snack. When you use the shake to replace your meal, then take it with coconut water. After that, you can eat some coconut slices, after which you'll not feel hungry at all.


It'll help kill your cravings as it has added MCT powder.


So that way, it will help to reduce your weight. It'll be beneficial because it contains all the minerals and vitamins, probiotics needed to maintain proper body health.


Q2: Why you should only take Palak Notes Protein Shake? 

This blend is designed keeping in mind the maximum health benefits from nutrition perspective. We carefully chose whey concentrate that will keep you full for a longer time and will kill cravings which usually happen after whey Isolates. I am using a blend of Xylitol, which is very superior 0 calorie sweetener, which is good for oral health. With age as our stomach acid gets low, it is hard to digest proteins, so I added digestive enzymes for proper absorption .


The fiber that I am using has prebiotic effect that will feed the gut bacterias and also the sensitive probiotics added to the blend. This will keep your hormones in balance with the ayurvedic blend of herbs The complete Vitamins and minerals will act as your multivitamin Garcinia Cambogia and grape seed extract will kickstart your metabolism.


Q3: Can Diabetic patients, thyroid patients and menopausal women also take this shake?

Yes, this product is designed keeping in mind the benefit of all. This is completely safe and healthy for people with Diabetes, Thyroid and Menopausal Women too.


Q4: How to take this Protein Shake?


coconut water


Mix one scoop of it with coconut water. If you don't like the taste then use it with milk. For faster weight loss, I recommend consuming it with Coconut Water.


Q5: Is this product safe for kids too?

Yes, this is completely safe for kids.

Clinical Studies Supporting Palak Notes Meal Replacement Shake


NO SOY ADDED A 100% Whey protein source: To maintain the physical functioning and prevent the aging process protein intake is a must. This helps to intact muscle lean mass, which usually looses with ageing. The protein source of Palak Notes is completely obtained from whey protein, which gives maximum muscle protein synthesis.


A research result reported intake of Whey protein can provide greater post-exercise muscle protein synthesis response than milk protein (micellar casein).  Another research review report compares the chemical constituents of different protein sources, which also reported whey is the best protein source compared with milk, soy, and others.


0 Calorie safe sweeteners (Stevia + Xylitol): We are one of the first companies in the indian market to work with Xylitol. Palak Notes Meal Replacement shake takes care of both of these factors by adding Stevia + Xylitol. Both of these sweeteners have a prebiotic effect which improves the gut microbiota composition.


Antiobesity effect of Garcinia Cambogia: Weight management and prevention obesity are important to keep ourselves fit, active, and healthy. Palak Notes Meal Replacement shake can also fulfill this desire by adding Garcinia Cambogia in this recipe. Garcinia Cambogia is an herbal source which reduces your body weight without providing any side effect. A human trail result reported that the intake of this herbal dosage form had significantly reduced the body weight of obese female study participants.


Adaptogenic herbs added to balance hormones and for performance: Aswagandha maintains performance level throughout the day: If you are searching for a recipe that can uphold your performance level throughout the day without increasing your body weight, then Palak Notes Meal Replacement Shake is a smart choice. The herb Ashwagandha has adaptogenic/anti-stress properties, which is effective to increase the physical stamina and prevents stress level enhancement. Different research result supports this finding.  

Kill your Cravings: We added Mct powder to kill off your cravings and to give direct energy to your brain.



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