Triple Thyroid Care

Triple Thyroid Care - Palak Notes

Who Can take?


  • Busy Professionals 
  • Women and Men Over 30
  • People with Thyroid Problems
  • People with Autoimmune Conditions 
  • People having slow metabolism




Q1: Why should I take these Thyroid Supplements?

Most of the times, our diet doesn’t provide adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals that support normal thyroid hormone levels to help maintain a healthy thyroid. These supplements will provide the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your Thyroid level normal.


Q2: Why you should only take Palak Notes Thyroid Care Supplements?

Our Thyroid support supplements is a blend of modern science Vitamins and Minerals and ancient knowledge herbs that support thyroid condition. We add rosemary extract as a preservative which will further help your thyroid condition. Our Thyroid support will lower the thyroid antibodies within 45 days and together with our B12, helps fight fatigue.


We have added herbal blend like Ashwagandha to support good mood and fight Anxiety and also added natural Vitamin E to support dry hair, dry skin and dry nails.


Q3: Does this contain synthetic preservatives?

No, we have not used any synthetic preservative that is not good for health. Instead, we have added Rosemary Extract as a preservative which will further help your thyroid condition.


Q4: How to take these supplements?

Take 1 Capsule immediate after Lunch and 1 after Dinner with 20 ml of water.


Q5: Is this a Vegetarian product?

Yes, the capsule is made of Vegetable Cellulose. Hence, this is a vegetarian product.


Clinical Studies Supporting Palak Notes Thyroid Care Supplement


  • Vitamin B1& Thyroid Link: This could be the link to your thyroid fatigue. Its main responsibility is to change carbohydrates into energy, and it also helps with the digestion of proteins and fats. Thiamine is necessary for proper release of HCL in our stomachs which is required for proper protein digestion. Most people with Thyroid have acidity problem & do not release any stomach acid and feel fatigued after the meals. 

  • Selenium & Antibodies Link:  Selenium is big for Hashimoto’s (200 mcg of selenium over the course of 3 months should see a reduction of antibodies by about half). Also we have selenium mising in the soil now. Many experts believe that a deficiency of this mineral could be responsible for Thyroid epidemic. 

  • Zinc:  It is very important for gut health, immune function, the conversion of T4 to T3, and the production of TSH. 

  • L- Tyrosine-  As a result of Hypothyroidism, your body cannot maintain normal metabolism, and your ability to convert tyrosine to dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine is impaired. This can cause a ripple effect of symptoms, including cognitive dysfunction and bad mood.

  •  Ashwagandha: The Palak Notes Triple Thyroid Care is one solution for most of these symptoms by adding the herbal solution of Ashwagandha and Schisandra. Ashwagandha has thyroid modulating effects along with other benefits like adaptogenic, antioxidant, and neuroprotective effects. A prospective, randomized, double-blind human trial report published in 2018 has reported that ashwagandha may help to normalizing thyroid level in hypothyroid patients.

  • IODINE: Smart selection of excipients The excipients need to add in any dosage formulation to formulate and preservation purposes. Instead of adding cheap talc as a filler or synthetic harmful substances as a preservative, Palak notes Triple Thyroid Care formulation contains ascorbyl palmitate as fillers and rosemary extract as a preservative.  Ascorbyl palmitate is a source of vitamin C and researchers have expected this ingredient has wide therapeutic benefits as it supplies ascorbate into neural tissues. Researchers have proven that antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of rosemary extract effective to act as a natural preservative.

  • Sea Kelp: The most important mineral, i.e. iodine sourced from kelp is an effective treatment of thyroid gland functioning. It also reduces the associated cognitive problem.

  • Vitamin B12+Folate+Vitamin E: Prolonged, thyroid hormone deficiency leads to deficit levels of Vitamin B12+Folate. Thyroid patients have difficulty in vitamin absorption obtainable from food. B12and folate is essential for cognitive functioning.  The extended untreated condition may cause dementia in advanced. Therefore, supplementation of vitamins is a critical need for thyroid patients.
  • The Palak Notes Triple Thyroid Care is specially formulated with a balanced Vitamin B12+Folate+Vitamin E combination. This will helps to maintain Vitamin B12+Folate+Vitamin E levels in the blood.


    Research findings also supported the fact that a combination of folate, vitamin B12 supplementation can prevent cognitive impairment in advanced aged people.



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