Plant based Calcium

Plant based Calcium - Palak Notes

Who Can Take?


  • Kids who can swallow till 21 years of age
  • Post menopausal women
  • If you are diary free
  • If you are eating less calcium rich foods


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Why pay attention to your calcium intake?

The human body is unable to produce calcium by itself, so a daily intake is essential.


Q2: Why supplements are essential?

Even if you eat a healthy, balanced diet, you may find it difficult to get enough calcium if you:

  • Follow a vegan diet
  • Have lactose intolerance and limit dairy products
  • Consume large amounts of protein or sodium, which can cause your body to excrete more calcium
  • Have osteoporosis
  • Are receiving long-term treatment with corticosteroids
  • Have certain bowel or digestive diseases that decrease your ability to absorb calcium, such as inflammatory bowel disease or celiac disease

In these situations, calcium supplements may help you meet your calcium requirements.


Q3: Why you should only take Palak Notes Calcium supplements? 

Our Calcium supplements are 100% Organic and obtained from Kale, Moringa & other Superfoods. It contains the necessary Calcium, Vitamin D3 and K2 all of which are in the most bioavailable form.


Q4: How to take these Calcium Supplements?

Take 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 after lunch


Q5: Is this product safe for kids too?

Yes, this is completely safe for kids.


Scientific Evidence Supporting This Formula 


Heart And Bone Health Benefits 




Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 along with calcium combinations present in this supplement complement each other functioning. Both Vitamins D and K synergistically work on bone and cardiovascular health, whereas vitamin D also regulates calcium metabolism. Vitamin K2 particularly acts on bone and the blood vessel wall and regulates their functioning.


Most of the bone health supplement only contains calcium and vitamin D.  But Palak Notes Plant-Based Calcium with Vitamin D3 and K2 contains additional K2. The human trial results showed a combination of vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 supplementation to improve bone mineral density (BMD) test results. 


Another research finding also reported that three years ingestion of Vitamins D3 and K2 combination can uphold the carotid artery characteristics by maintaining vessel wall health. CT scan test results also showed less coronary artery calcium progression by ingesting combination therapy of vitamin K2 + calcium +vitamin D3. 


Kale, Moringa and other plant-based superfood are the primary sources of Calcium with Vitamin D3 and K2


Instead of using synthetic sources Palak Notes Plant-Based Calcium with Vitamin D3 and K2 contains plant-based vitamins and minerals.


Kale is an abundant source of calcium and overloaded with vitamin K. The vitamin K content in Kale is 10 times higher than the daily value. Moringa seeds are also a very good source of calcium. 


Research findings have found that Kale contains prebiotic carbohydrates, which helps to prevent obesity. This superfood also helps to maintain alkaline PH and prevents immune, digestive, nervous, and reproductive issues.


Whereas, Moringa as a superfood has effective against multiple diseases including hyperlipidemia, diabetes, blood pressure management, etc.


Higher Nutritional Quality Of Organic Ingredients


Palak Notes Plant-Based Calcium with Vitamin D3 and K2 is an essential mineral and vitamin supplement obtained from organic plant sources. This supplement exclusively select organic ingredients as some studies have suggested that organic foods may have higher in nutrients along with more safer than conventional sources.


Safe To Pediatric Use 


Children can also use Palak Notes Plant-Based Calcium with Vitamin D3 and K2 to meet the requirement of the increasing demand for calcium, vitamin D3 and K2 in growing age. Palak Notes Plant-Based Calcium with Vitamin D3 and K2 is completely natural and organic.  Pesticide exposure risk may increase with a conventional food supplement. Prolonged use of such products at an early age may cause neurological and behavioral development problems.


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