Real Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation on Human Body and Brain

Real Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation on Human Body and Brain - Palak Notes

With the technological advances of the last three decades, the amount of cell phones have increased, but so has cell phone radiation. Our lives have definitely been improved and made easier by technology, but at what price? In this article, I will be looking at the effects of cellphone radiation as well as EMF (Electro-magnetic frequency) emitted by other common electronics present in our homes and offices.  


What Is EMF Radiation?


These are invisible signals or frequencies around you every day. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, signals from broadcasting stations to your television and radio, as well as the signals from cell phone towers to cell phones. EMF is also emitted by electronics and the electrical wiring in buildings as the electric current runs through them to provide power. These days it is hard to get away from EMF radiation since electricity and signal towers are everywhere, even in many rural areas.


If you are living in an apartment block or in any living situation where your home shares a wall with your neighbor, you may be exposed to the EMF generation from your neighbor's electronics even if you don't have many electronics. EMF radiation can travel through walls. The level of radiation emitted depends on how strong the voltage output is and your distance to the item .


Sources Of EMF


1. Cell Phones


One of the biggest sources of EMF radiation is cell phones. These days, almost everybody has one. It's fully portable, which is one of the benefits of a cell phone, so we take them with us everywhere. They are next to our beds, next to us on the couch or at our desks, they are in the car with us or when we're out for a walk, kept in our pockets or bras within easy reach. Cell phones constantly emit and receive signals called radio frequency. Smartphones can access WiFi, have Bluetooth and unless you set them not to, they are always on the go.


The type of EMF radiation coming from them is classified as low to mid-frequency which many organizations have said is completely safe. But many studies show that this isn't really the case. Even if check the small manual you get with your cell phones when you buy them. This small booklet says as well, keep cell phones away from your head.  


Is Cell Phone Radiation Dangerous?


If you've ever been near a radio and had the signal improve or become worse depending on your position, you'll know that the signal is affected by your body. It's the same for all EMF radiation. The radiation goes through your body and makes changes to your cells. Studies show that these changes are abnormal, and at worst can lead to the development of cancerous tumors. For more information on the effects of cell phone radiation on the body and prevention check on this link.  


2. Smart Meters (Power Metres) In Your House


Smart meters are popular in the Europe and the USA. They remove the need for someone to come to your home and read your utility meters. Instead, they send the information to back to the supplier so that they can bill you. They use radio frequency to do this and contribute to the EMF radiation that your family is exposed to. Rather, choose not to have one installed or have it removed if you already have one. Speak to your utility company about this. I was listening to the podcast, where Dr. Mercola mentioned he pays 35 USD to the power company to, keep the old meter and not the power meter. This is unbelievable!   


3. Other Wireless Equipment Like WiFi Routers, Baby Monitors, Microwaves And Cordless Phones




WiFi routers allow laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc to access the internet wirelessly at all times as long as it is switched on. Wireless baby monitors also use signals, sometimes Bluetooth to transmit any sounds from your baby in the room to the monitor you have with you elsewhere in the house as long as it's switched on. With these baby monitors often sitting right in the crib with the baby they are being exposed to radiation. Children are much more sensitive to EMF and it can have lasting consequences for their brain development. This includes WiFi routers against the wall of the baby's room or in it. I have one for my baby, but it is wired and not wireless. But it is difficult to find on on the market these days. 


Cordless phones are common in both places of work since they can be carried around easily. But the signal from the base of the phone to the receiver needs to be transmitted constantly so that calls can come through and be made. This also means that these phones and their bases constantly emit EMF. The EMF from the cordless phone base is quite strong, you will need to make sure that it is at least 3 rooms away. The radiations from Microwave is much stronger than any of these devices. Replace your microwave oven to convection steam oven #emfradiations #microwaveradiations #microwaveovens


4. Laptops, Wireless Mouse, Speakers, And Keyboards


Laptops emit a lot of EMF, especially when they are connected to the charger because there will be electricity running through them to charge the battery. Wireless Mouse, speakers, and keyboards use Bluetooth which is very convenient but exposes you to radiation unfortunately when they are switched on. Wherever you listen to the word wireless, there should be an alarm in your mind, to stay away.   


5. Cell Towers


These towers are what broadcast cell signals to all the various cell phones within a certain radius. These towers are everywhere in urban areas and there are some in rural areas too. So even when you are outside you are exposed to EMF. If possible, do not live near one of these towers or send your children to schools where there are towers right next to the schools.  


6. High Voltage Power Transmission Lines


Do not stay near transmission (power) towers. The power lines running from them and substations to power neighborhoods also emit EMF and unlike your household appliances and electronics, you can't turn this source off. The further you are away from them the weaker the EMF radiation is.  


The Dangers Of EMF Radiation


1. Radiation Affects Children's Health:

Because their skulls are thinner (until age 20) they are more susceptible to radiation which increases their risk of brain tumours and can hamper their development. Children who live near power lines, transmission towers and substations also have an increased risk of developing leukaemia.


2. A Decrease In Male Fertility:

  Men who use their laptops on their laps instead of on a table experience lower fertility rates due to the radiation.


3. Increased Risk Of Various Cancers :

Avoid carrying your phone on in your bra, pocket or holding it against your ear. Increased risk of cancer of the breasts, testicles, vital organs, brain and skin are just a few of the risks that increase with the proximity of your cell phone to your body.


4. Decreased Bone Density :

Some people experienced lower bone density in the area where they kept their phones most often. This can lead to osteoporosis.


5.Heart Problems:

 Heart palpitations (where your heart feels like it's beating quickly or hard without any physical activity), pressure on your chest, and rapid heartbeat or really slow heartbeat. These are some of the more common heart problems caused by radiation.






Especially along the sides of your head.


7.Skin Problems: 

This is common when letting your cell phone touch your body. Rashes and burns have been reported and they can even cause tingling sensations especially in your hands and face.


8.Psychological Problems: 

Anxiety, irritability, depression, etc, can really impact your day to day life. The confusion about why you feel like this just adds frustration and anguish to the list. EMF radiation can cause these symptoms because of its effect on the brain. Click here to read more about reducing stress and anxiety.


9.Interferes With Your Sleep:

 The radiation makes you restless throughout the night and it can prevent you from sleeping deeply. The result is that you wake up tired and in need of more rest instead of refreshed.



No matter how much sleep you get, you still feel tired during the day as if you haven't had any sleep at all.


Watch this video for more information:    


Test For EMF


I bought this device because I am living in an apartment. I started sleeping in the other room where the router is placed. Because of some personal problems I cannot switch off the router, unfortunately. Some months later when I visited my neighbour, I realised that his router is adjacent to the next wall where I was sleeping. Sometimes EMF rays at one side of the bed are 90% lower than the other side.


You can find inexpensive EMF detectors that measure the amount of EMF radiation around you. You will note that when you are close to your appliances and wireless equipment that the amount will be much higher. Be sure to test by the walls too since your neighbour's WiFi and Bluetooth can come through the walls as well as radiation from any power lines or towers outside.This could be an option to make sure that you at least can reduce the amount of EMF in your bedroom at night and around your children. You can click on this link to look at the different detectors available.  



Protect Yourself And Your Family From EMF Radiation


Thankfully, there are steps that you can take to protect yourself from radiation and most of them are easy and inexpensive. Once you have minimised your exposure you will notice a difference in as little as a week and realize how much of a problem EMF radiation really is. If you can't manage it all the time, at least minimise your exposure at night while you sleep. Even this will be an improvement considering most of us are exposed 24 hours a day.  




This is one of the simplest ways to reduce your exposure. Moving your electronics as little as 1.5m to 2m (or 5-6 ft) away can weaken the strength of the radiation enough. This is the case with most appliances and wireless transmissions. As mentioned cordless phone bases do emit stronger signals and you will need to move the base as much as 3 rooms away.

  • Switch your cell phone off or put it on airplane mode when you aren't using it.
  • Use your cell phone for emergencies only. Rather use a landline for regular use.
  • Make sure that your cell phone battery doesn't get low as it increases the radiation emitted when the phone struggles to find a signal or work properly.
  • Carry your cell phone in a bag instead of in your pocket or bra.
  • Keep your phone in an EMF shielding pouch or sleeve.
  • Keep your phone away from your head. Rather use earphones, preferably air-tube headphones since regular headphones have a wire that conducts the radiation which will likely be touching you. If you don't have a pair of headphones, put your phone on speaker and keep it no closer than just short of 1m (3 ft) from your head.
  • Choose to text over making phone calls since there is less EMF radiation emitted during texting.
  • Check the SAR value for your cell phone. Use phones with low values. Just type in google check SAR value and you can see different websites doing this. 
  • Don't let small children play with your cell phone. Instruct the older children about how to use a cell phone safely and even then only in emergencies.


Minimize Your Radiation Exposure In Your Bedroom


  • Move your bed away from any electrical sockets and more to the middle of the room. This will allow you to move further away from any radiation coming through the walls outside.
  • Switch off any other electrical items you have in your bedroom too including your alarm clock. Rather use an analog alarm clock.
  • Do not use an electric blanket.
  • If possible, paint your walls with EMF shielding paint to block radiation from coming through or if you are constructing the room get EMF shielded wiring or pipes.
  • Use an EMF shielding carpet under your bed if you have neighbours below you and an EMF shielding fabric sheet and blanket as these will keep out the EMF radiation too. You can also get an EMF shielding cage or canopy installed around your bed.
  • EMF shielding screens are available for windows too.
  • Use hardwired analogue baby monitors only. These emit less radiation.



Other Ways To Reduce Your Exposure

  • Never use your laptop on your lap.   

use your laptop on the table                                                                                                                     


Put it on a table or desk instead. Minimise your use of the laptop when the charger is plugged in.


  • Do not use wireless mice, speakers, or keyboards. Rather use those you need to plug into work
  • Turn your appliances and switches off at the wall when not in use.
  • Use an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi.
  • Keep a plant on your desk. As with humans, plants also absorb radiation. This will reduce the amount that your body has to absorb.
  • Include healthy colourful vegetables in your diet. The antioxidants present in them help to get rid free radicals and damage caused by the radiation.
  • Walk barefoot outside for a few minutes every day. Walking on grass or sand can help transfer some of the radiation from your body to the ground and is really relaxing.


  When purchasing EMF shielding fabrics, paints, and devices, always make sure they are from reputable suppliers and that any EMF shielding service companies are certified. There are many who take advantage of those trying to be healthier by selling them nonsense that doesn't work or makes the problem even worse and often at high prices.     




  • EMF radiation is all around us and is produced by electronic items, radio frequencies, WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Exposure to EMF radiation increases your risk for cancer, Alzheimer, heart problems and poor brain development in children.
  • Cell phone radiation is harmful. You can minimize your exposure by switching off your cell phone when not in use, switching off your WiFi at night, and moving your bed to the middle of the room away from the electric sockets.
  • Never carry your cell phone on your body, rather keep it in your bag or an EMF shielding pouch. Use the hands-free or speaker option rather than holding your cell phone to your head.
  • Never use your laptop on your lap, use it at the table or desk. Use hardwired mice, keyboards and speakers instead of wireless ones.
  • Never use a wireless baby as children are much more susceptible to the effects of EMF. Use a hard-wired analogue baby monitor.
  • Switch off your appliances, electronics, and sockets off at the wall when not in use.



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