QUICK VEGETARIAN Indian Diet Plan for FAST Weight Loss

QUICK VEGETARIAN Indian Diet Plan for FAST Weight Loss - Palak Notes
  • Instead of spending unnecessary time and money trying to follow diet plans recommending harmful supplements or foods that need to be important, check out this vegetarian Indian diet plan.
  • Contrary to what you may believe, you can use Indian food for weight loss.
  • You can eat delicious food and lose weight. Check out these meal ideas, plus, try the pancakes that I make to treat myself and my daughter without worrying about calories or gluten.

    There is a movement these days encouraging us to love our bodies no matter what. As women, we constantly scrutinize our bodies and while we should love our bodies no matter what, we should love ourselves enough to make the effort to be healthy. Fit is the new sexy and for good reason.


    Being overweight is not just about looks. The reason that so many of us are unhappy when we are overweight is that being overweight makes us exhausted, puts pressure on our joints, increases our risk for a whole host of medical problems. When we are fit and strong, those risks are minimized, our joints are supported, and we have more energy and we feel happier and sexier.


    So much of the information out there is from the Western world. Some of the foods suggested are not even available in India. For those of you who are vegetarian, we’ll be looking at a vegetarian Indian diet plan but everyone can agree whether you are vegetarian or not, that the best Indian diet for weight loss is one that adheres to our culture and available foods.


    Not only will you be more comfortable, but it is simpler too, not to mention that you will save money as you don’t need to look for imported foods.



    Diet Plan For Weight Loss With Indian Food




    You may think that it is impossible to eat Indian food for weight loss but this is not true at all. You just need to eat in a way that is best for your body. You may also be saying, but Palak, I am healthy and fit, I eat healthy food, but I am still struggling to lose belly fat.


    Losing weight is not just about the type of food, but also when you eat what. These recipes and meal ideas will provide you with food that will boost your metabolism naturally and help you to lose weight in no time.



    1. Breakfast


    One of the biggest mistakes people make is to eat carbs for breakfast. Eating a low carb diet overall is better for most people. It depends on how your body works. But eating carbs in the morning is especially bad. You set yourself up for becoming hangry due to your blood sugar levels quickly spiking and then coming down. A low carb breakfast also lowers the risk for metabolic diseases.


    You should only eat a combination of fats and proteins with little to no carbs. Do not be afraid to eat healthy fats, it is a myth that eating fat will make you fat. In fact, the opposite is true. Try these yummy pancakes for a healthy treat that is gluten-free and low in carbs:


    Eggless Pancake Recipe




    Number of servings- 2 (serve 4 pancakes)




    1. ½ cup of almond flour
    2. ¼ cup of coconut flour
    3. 1 mashed banana
    4. 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
    5. ½ coconut milk
    6. 1 teaspoon of baking powder
    7. ½ teaspoon of cinnamon
    8. Salt (one pinch)
    9. 2 tablespoons of ghee



      Egg substitute Ingredients or add 3 eggs:


      1. Chia seeds-1tsp
      2. Flaxseed-2tsp
      3. water-½ cup
      4. Prepare above mixture and set it aside for 10 minutes



        Method of preparation


        • Take a mixing bowl and mix all the flours (almond and coconut) and baking powder.
        • Add the rest of the dry ingredients.
        • Add the mashed banana.
        • Mix everything well and add a little water, coconut oil, and coconut milk to make the consistency a slightly runny.
        • Combine the spices (nutmeg and cinnamon) with the mixture well until the spices are evenly distributed throughout the batter.
        • Add the egg substitute to the mixture and stir well.
        • Take a skillet or tawa.
        • Heat 2 tablespoons of ghee in it until it melts or starts to bubble.
        • Add ¼ of the batter in one go. You can make 2 pancakes of these sizes at a time.
        • Make sure that the pancakes do not fall apart while flipping.
        • Cook both the sides till slightly golden brown



          You can also have these meals for breakfast:


          • Eggs (sunny side up with a runny yolk to protect the fats) and sautéed seasonal vegetables.                                                                                                                                                                                                             
          VEGETABLE SMOOTHIE                                                                                                                              
          • Raw yogurt with a little bit of raw honey, some seeds, nuts, and if you would enjoy it a small handful of berries.


            Note: Once a week, skip breakfast or have a cup of coffee with a tablespoon of butter in it.



            2. Lunch


            A healthy low carb lunch will keep supplying you with the energy needed to avoid that afternoon slump that so many of us struggle with, especially if you have had a low carb breakfast too.


            Any time you see vegetable oils mentioned, swap them with coconut oil or ghee.  




              3. Dinner


              While you should still keep your carb intake low and reduce your intake of grains, when you do eat carbs, it is best to eat them at night. Just this simple change results in faster weight loss. Rather than restricting calories and cutting out full-fat foods, time your carbs right.

              • Vegetable or daal soup with sautéed seasonal veggies.
              • Sweet potato with sautéed seasonal veggies.


                Note: Don’t be afraid to use spices. Spices encourage fat burn and they make food delicious. They are also a source of antioxidants which are important for health and graceful aging.



                4. Snacks


                • Seasonal veggies and hummus dip.
                • Smoothies or juices.
                • Green tea with a slice of lemon and a handful of nuts.
                • Chai with Foxnuts



                  A Few Extra Tips


                  DRINK WATER


                  • If you get hungry quickly, you may need to add more protein or more fat.
                  • Fill up on veggies (50-80% of your plate should be veggies).
                  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water and herbal teas per day although you may need more on hot or very active days.
                  • Make sure that you get 6-7.5 hours of good quality sleep, although this will also depend on how much sleep your body needs.


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                    As women, we are so busy and often feel guilty for taking care of ourselves. But remember that you cannot take care of your family if you don’t have the energy to do it. If you have recently had a baby, you can check out this article to help you with your recovery and weight loss. Please share your weight loss journey with us in the comments.




                    • Losing and maintaining a healthy weight is not just about looking sexy. It’s about being healthy, energetic, and having a low risk for diseases. You will feel sexy from the inside out as well as looking sexy on the outside.
                    • You don’t need to count calories, rather give your body the nutrients that it needs to work well. A high-fat low carb diet how our bodies are designed.
                    • Do not eat carbs for breakfast, rather focus on protein and fat. If you do eat carbs eat very few.
                    • Skip breakfast once a week or replace breakfast with coffee with a spoon of butter in it once a week.
                    • A low carb breakfast and lunch will prevent an afternoon slump.
                    • Save carbs for your evening meal and don’t be afraid to use spices in your meals.
                    • Fill up on veggies and drink 6-8 glasses of water or herbals teas.
                    • If you are getting hungry quickly you may need to add more fat or protein.


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