Expert Advice on Hair Fall Control for Men and Women!

Expert Advice on Hair Fall Control for Men and Women! - Palak Notes

You know what? I had lost 50% of Hair during my engineering days. I wish when I was a teenager, I would have got good advice which would have provided me much clarity on how to treat hair breakage, grow long and beautiful hair. 

I was literally tensed about what to do, how to stop Hair Fall or Hair Breakage. I tried all sorts of products: oils, serums, shampoos, hair masks like we all do to prevent the damage, to control the hair fall and to get the fabulous hair to flaunt. But guess what, we all know what the result turns out to be, yes, it does more harm to your hair than doing any good.  

I did a lot of research and got to know the root cause of the hair fall and hair loss. Here in this blog I am going to share my journey to find the exact solutions for hair fall control and regrowth and the urgent need to manage your hair care routine. 

 Hair Fall Control for Men and Women 

Reasons for Hair Fall 

Hair Falling is not dangerous as it has its own cycle, but what is important is from where it has fallen, will the hair grow or not? And if the hair doesn’t grow over there this is the most dangerous thing. Hair fall occurs due to Anaemia, Stress, Hormonal Imbalance fixing these helps in regrowth of hair. 

Nutrition Deficient: 

Talking about the reasons for the hair fall, in the first place comes the Lack of Nutrition. The Indian Population at large consumes carbohydrates in their routine up to 70% in the form of Poha, Upma, Chapatis etc and not having enough of a proportion of Proteins in their diet. 

Our hair is made up of 97% of protein and the rest is water. 

Make sure the food you take should have at least 40-50% of protein. 

Non-Vegetarians can fulfill their requirement of protein from egg whites that's the most bioavailable source of Protein. For vegetarians add nuts, seeds, beans, lentils with my specially formulated Protein Shake. 

The Missing Link between Beautiful Hair and Skin: 

Lack of Vitamin B12 is the other biggest reason for the hair fall in men and women. As we know the reach of the blood to our hair is very limited. 

In India the population is generally Anemic the cause of which is lack of Vitamin B12

The symptoms of which include Hair fall, Loss of Appetite, Tiredness, Brittle nails, Heart Palpitations, Headaches/ Dizziness. If you face any of these make an addition of Vitamin B12 plus Iron in your diet if you are Anemic to reduce the falling of hair.  

I have made my supplement in this regard that’s Organic Blood Builder with Vitamin C that helps in the Absorption of the Iron.    

Stress is not safe: 

High the stress levels, higher is the release of Cortisol levels which drops the Hyaluronic Acid and Proteoglycan Synthesis to nearly 40% . It is these two mechanisms that decide whether the hair that falls from the follicles, will regrow or will be dead. 

One good way to reduce stress levels is to decide 1-2 hours of Social Media Fasting.  

Make sure the proper intake and digestion of Protein with (Betaine HCL and Pepsin) that breaks into Amino Acid and enters into Blood Brain Barrier in your body that helps in the release of Happy Hormones namely Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Endorphin

These hormones help in protecting Hair Follicles and Hair Quality.  

Hormonal Imbalance:  

Hormones play a major role to determine how our body functions.  Hence, try to figure out the triggers that accelerate the production of unwanted hormones that lead to hair loss and hair shedding. Imbalance in your thyroid levels can be a means for hair loss.  

The receptor of the hair follicles directly binds with thyroid & this controls hair growth and colour. Your hair stem cell is regulated by thyroid hormone 

Male hormones like DHT and Testosterone present in larger quantities in men than women. Hair thinning in women and in men is related to DHT (dihydro testerone) which could arise due to the increased sensitivity to the Hormone.  

Female hormones Estrogen and Progesterone help in thick hair growth and reduce the production of DHT, as these reduce with age hair loss, hair thinning occurs for women.

Parlour and Styling

Your hair is a great factor in enhancing your identity and appearance. Use of the curlers, straighteners, blow dryers, hair spas can temporarily improve the way your hair looks but their regular use can be the reason for permanent hair damage.  

The heat from these styling gadgets can make your hair dehydrated as it tends to absorb the moisture and cause damage to hair shafts and scalp. Therefore, I recommend limiting the use of these tools to prevent hair fall.  

It's always better to fix the internal cause for the hair fall and then go experimenting with your hair and try various looks. 

Hair fall Solution at Home! 

Are you dealing with Hair fall problems? We all have heard the hair industry saying this casually, if everyday you lose 100 strands, it's normal. No, not at all, it's the worst advice you can ever get.

  • How frequently should you wash your Hair? 

Our scalp decides the life cycle of hair whether it will fall or grow. So, I advise washing your hair twice a week according to your Scalp health and Hair health. 

It's good for the scalp to produce natural oil, so don’t wash your hair too often as it strips your scalp natural oil and causes hair fall. 

  • Are these external approaches useful for treatment of hair fall? 

We pay a lot of attention to conditioners, oils, spas, Hair Masks, Curd, Egg as these improve your hair health but these external factors don't support the hair to fall from its roots.  

Although a point to take care of is to apply these on the clean scalp otherwise it will lead to weakening of roots.

 Hair Fall Control for Men and Women
  • How does combing play an important role? 

It's the expert advice to be gentle while combing your hair and use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair post-shower. 

Your hair is the weakest when it gets wet, it soaks up the water and becomes heavy, hence it's mandatory to avoid combing or using a dryer which otherwise increases the hair fall problems. 

  • Do you know what the shine on your hair and skin is?  

That's hydration. As we age our body can’t hold much water in it due to which our skin glows and starts to fade away and the hair loses its shine. 

As a preventative measure I suggest that as soon as you bathe, apply moisturizer to lock water on your skin and same goes for having good condition of the scalp and not on the shaft. 

  • Do you know the right hack to dry your hair? 

The right technique of drying the hair post shower greatly impacts the quality of your hair strands. If you are blow drying your hair, consider it as a warning and do away with it.  

I agree with how it makes hair look just perfect and bouncy, but it's not a good sign to ignore the damage it leaves behind.  

So I advise a cotton towel to pat dry your hair and let your hair dry naturally to cause zero damage to your hair. 

Quick Info 

Kinki University of Japan in 2013 figured out that when Mustard oil, Coconut oil or Almond oil mixed with few drops Rosemary oil helps in regrowth of hair lost due to the AutoImmune Condition etc. by increasing the cellular turnover.  

Hair Fall Control Tips and Tricks for Men and Women! 

Hair fall and hair thinning are one of the most common problems faced by most men and women today. As much as 25% of men below the age of 21 years suffer from hair loss, and 45% of the women suffer from hair thinning at some point in their life. 

You need to start from the right nutrition and supplements, also you need to look for hormonal balance along with focus on these specific solutions provided by me to cure hair growth and add a grace to your looks and beauty.  

Fix Miniaturization: Hair fall occurs with the progressive miniaturization of your hair. Therefore to make the follicle stronger to hold the hair and help in its natural growth draw importance to the health of the scalp, if the issue of dandruff, inflammation, itching prevails, fix it immediately.  

Omega 3 rich foods like walnuts, seeds, fatty fishes and other seafood and nuts combined with supplements works well when combined with antioxidants to hair density. 

Massage of Scalp: As an expert advisor I suggest massaging your hair with a lukewarm oil while your head facing downwards that helps increase blood circulation and also provide strength and nourishment to your hair follicles.  

You can massage gently with natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil for 10-15 mins.  

Oiling is a good addition for your hair care routine that helps to keep hair in shape and conditioned. 

Choose your Shampoos Wisely: Shampoos are there to cleanse your scalp, so don't expose the hair shaft to over washing with chemicalized shampoos. It's better to use a mild shampoo that suits your hair type.  

Avoid shampoos that contain sulfates and parabens which results in hair breakage and hair fall and look for promising hair fall control shampoo. 

 Watch out for the ingredients that help strengthen every hair strand and keep hair fall at bay. 

 Hair Fall Control for Men and Women

Take Iron Rich food and Iron Builder: It is equally important to have iron rich foods for both men and women. For ladies it becomes a little more necessary to have Iron during periods days and otherwise to replenish the demands and maintain the levels of Iron in the body.  

You can include Egg, Chicken, Sweet Potato, Tofu, beans, peas, oatmeal along with my Organic Blood Builder having the blend of Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and folate for naturally enhancing the iron levels in the body and gives you beautiful and healthy hair. 

Add More Proteins: Do note that deficiencies in the protein makes our hair very sensitive however for constant growth and proper management of hairs our follicles need constant supply of protein and other vital nutrients.  

Our hair needs amino acids, the building blocks of protein for a healthy growth. So, protein restrictions or a very low calorie diet makes the hair brittle that leads to hair loss and hair thinning.  

That’s why it's essential to fuel up our body with protein rich foods like spinach, gooseberry, nuts, seeds, eggs, meat to ensure better hair and scalp health. 

Saw Palmetto Berries: Let me share with you a hair secret for growing your hair thin to thick. Having the blend of essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Biotin, Methyl Folate and Selenium Thick and Grow supplement proves to be an ultimate nourishing formula for the growth of the hair.  

It is able to provide you with healthy and stronger hairs and get rid of dryness from your scalp. Counting its other benefits it helps people with urination problems and better prostate health as it contains Saw Palmetto Berries extract (Natural DHT blocker) also known to improve hair health. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Aging and genetics are the other important reasons for the hair loss.If you want to save your hair follicles, pay attention to Protein and Iron intake.  

Biotin is equally important to improve the hair quality, as with age when hair loses its strength both external and internal factors play an important role in ensuring good health of the hair.  

Increased Biotin intake improves the thickness of the hair and promotes hair growth by improving the body's Keratin Infrastructure. It is this that helps build the protein needed to maintain youthful hair and skin. 

Having more Collagen via. Collagen supplements along with Vitamin C boost your body’s collagen production that reduces with age. Collagen acts as a glue which doesn’t let the hair break away. Also it works amazingly for your skin, hair, nails and for your bone cartilages. 


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