CoQ10 and Heart Health: What you need to Know!

CoQ10 and Heart Health: What you need to Know! - Palak Notes

I know how it feels when you wake up in the morning, and the first thing you have to do is to take numerous pills or capsules for your body which is getting older with each passing day! But are you not fed up with these pains? Don’t you want to get relief from it? These ailments of BP, Cholesterol, Heart Diseases up till when it will continue, don’t you ask this question frequently to yourself?  

Yes, Of Course we do. 

I feel getting older is a natural process of the body but acquiring aliments is not. You must be observant of the outside factors of getting older. But what is happening inside the body is the thing to know. Your lungs, kidney, and heart are getting old. The rate of working, the quality is getting dropped. Why does this happen?  

Well, with time the things that give life to these organs, that is the cells that produce energy through food by number of reactions in the body, start producing it less. So here comes CoQ10, which has the power to save lives

CoQ10..What is it? How does it Function? 

Our body requires enough energy to perform functions inside our cells, which is to take fat and other nutrients and turn into reusable energy. This complete process in the body requires CoQ10.  

CoQ10 also known as Ubiquinone or Ubiquinol is a powerful antioxidant that helps maximize the effects of Vitamins and also works to slow down the aging of heart, kidneys and promotes overall health. 

CoQ10 could be a lifesaver to : Diabetics, Cancer patients, have heart related issues, are on Medication for cholesterol, Blood Pressure Issues, low sperm quality, low rate of fertility.  

Although our body produces CoQ10, as a matter of aging it goes on reducing. Okay, let's know the importance of CoQ10 in curbing acute or chronic diseases.

CoQ10  and Cholesterol  

If you are a patient of Cholesterol or BP and are taking Statins (cholesterol lowering medicine), you would be encountering muscle pain, the reason being deficiency of CoQ10. It may function as a natural aid for cholesterol. CoQ10 is something exclusive like Organic food.  

You must be aware of Cholesterol levels in our body: HDL(Good Cholesterol) (Arteries are normal), LDL (Bad Cholesterol) (Arteries get Narrowed) 

Cholesterol must be reduced! Beware! It's a very dangerous statement. Cholesterol is responsible for making hormones. 

If you eat cholesterol reducing medicine, please be careful!! Let me tell you why. Our liver has an enzyme called HMG-CoA Reductase that produces cholesterol to perform certain functions, but as you become habitual of taking these Statins/ medications, it slows down the process of this specific enzyme to produce Cholesterol and synthesize it. You know what this enzyme makes CoQ10.  

Cholesterol Medicines destabilize blood sugar, as a result of which a person remains frustrated, irritated, incurs the risk of Diabetes, unable to lose weight. 

If you consume Statins, don't worry you can eat butter, ghee. But you should immediately stop eating foods cooked in vegetable oil.

CoQ10 and Heart  

CoQ10 and Heart 

CoQ10 protects the heart! 

Coenzyme Q10 builds up heart health as it helps counter oxidative stress and strengthen heart function. This could be beneficial to upgrade treatment outcomes in people with heart failure. Possessing cholesterol lowering effect, CoQ10 may be a supplement that may be useful for people taking Statins and for people with High Cholesterol levels.  

Heart Ailments such as Coronary Artery diseases can possibly lead to oxidative damage, and inflammations of arteries and veins. However,it's very important to reduce inflammation, which can be done by excluding oxidized fat from the body that has a high level of Omega 6, and raise Omega 3 in your diet. 

To make good HDL for the benefit of your heart, try having egg yolk, desi ghee, coconut oil that helps transport  LDL.

CoQ10 and BP (Blood Pressure)

CoQ10 and BP (Blood Pressure) 

If you face blood pressure issues, doctors suggest you limit the salt. No! don’t do that, because if you do you might have more chances of Heart Attack. Yes! That’s true. Inside the cell has potassium and sodium has the presence outside that must be in the ratio of 4:1.  

Symptoms of BP: Muscle cramps, Fast heart beat, difficulty breathing, chest pain, Vision Problem. 

So if you are having BP issues drink Ghiya juice or the foods rich in potassium like Avocado, Banana, Potatoes, Spinach, Beans, but alone these can’t provide you enough potassium, supplements combined with it, prove to be a boon. 

So don’t decrease salt, increase potassium because if its low cells well up and BP raises.

CoQ10 : Is It Good for? You need to know this!! 

CoQ10 is naturally produced by the body with highest levels in heart, kidney, liver and pancreas. It's the natural process of the body to age, but we need antioxidants to slow down the aging of organs. 

For those who have had heart attacks, CoQ10 may be able to improve exercise performance and capacity by increasing blood flow. 

CoQ10 contributes to “energy metabolism Synthesis of ATP”  , the type of food energy that is used by the cells. Coenzyme Q10 must be present in the Mitochondrial inner membrane for this conversion step. Its function in the metabolism of fatty acids and glucose includes taking electrons and releasing them to electron acceptors. ATP synthesis is essential for maintaining energy and it depends on CoQ10 to function. 

CoQ10 is known to have free- radical scavenging abilities, protects the skin from UV Radiation and prevents premature skin aging. It plays a major role in re-energizing and slowing down the process causing dull and wrinkled skin. 

Coenzyme Q10 is a Fat- soluble, hence it needs fat in the body to get absorbed and metabolized in the body. Therefore for optimal results, take supplements with fat containing meals. 

CoQ10 can promote the widening of blood vessels in the heart by boosting Nitric Oxide availability, which helps lower heart inflammation and palpitations. 

CoQ10 : Which one to opt for? Always look for the Quality! 

Enough of spending your hard earned money on the companies and medicines that claim but does not provide permanent relief. There is absolutely nothing you can’t bring back to normal, only what you need is the right guidance and supplements especially curated to cure the disease without any side effects to the body.  

You are taking foods and medication what everyone is taking since long, despite of which a very few recovery rate is visible, and also the severe cases related to heart, kidney, brain is on increase.

Having noted all these Palak Notes Happy Heart containing Liposomal CoQ10, magnesium taurate, organic garlic powder extract, D-Chiro-Inositol, methyl folate is at your service.

happy heart

Even a healthy diet is not equipped to obtain daily necessary doses of CoQ10 because it is present in most foods in meager quantities. To bridge up this gap daily high quality CoQ10 supplement in capsule form for quicker bloodstream absorption is required. Palak Notes Liposomal CoQ10 supplement can be easily absorbed by the body and reduces the risk of CoQ10 deficiency that normalizes brain activity. 

Natural Sources of Coenzyme Q10 are rare and could be found in small quantities in sesame seeds, broccoli, cauliflower, eggs etc. Its pivotal to take supplements, formulated by Palak Notes as liposomal form makes Coenzyme Q10 the most bioavailable in the blood once ingested and it has 16 times more absorbability in the body. 

It could be taken into account that many supplements have boosters or fillers and might have a lower dosage than what the manufacturer claims whereas Palak Notes CoQ10 does not have any artificial fillers making it more potent. 


Although the body has the capacity to naturally produce some CoQ10 to control  Blood Pressure, slow the aging process, to purify the blood, improve heart and kidney health. 

Liposomal CoQ10 supplementation prevents heart failure incidence and improves related symptoms. 

CoQ10 holds the capacity to repair and regenerate brain cells for proper brain functioning. It also maintains our brain nerve connections. 

For a whole round development I recommend taking Palak Notes CoQ10, integrated with Omega-3 and Complete Turmeric Matrix. 

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