9 Important Foods to Eat for Diabetes and Overall Health

9 Important Foods to Eat for Diabetes and Overall Health - Palak Notes

 What kind of food is good for diabetes? Better yet, can it be cured? Yes, diabetes can be cured naturally and permanently. Type 2 diabetes is most often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and many diabetics have noticed an improvement simply by living a healthier lifestyle. Its all about balancing blood sugar levels. Eating foods that do not give you that insulin spike and avoiding foods that are quickly digested, leaving you hungry again. 

Yes, In addition to exercise, a healthy diet where everything that causes a sharp spike in your blood sugar levels has been removed will show big results. By eating healthy, you can prevent your diabetes from getting worse and you can reverse it. You are diagnosed Diabetic, you take pills for the management of this disease.  You do not see major symptoms, then why to reverse it. Because remember that there are side effects of these synthetic medicines. 

Plus, the quality of life is poor if you keep consuming the foods that give you that insulin spike and leave you hungry soon enough after your meal. Every 3 hours you have to think, what to eat. Meaning 50% of your quality time you are just spending eating or thinking about food. That's why it is very important to know those foods, which will keep you full for longer times.   

Food For Diabetes

Foods That Spike Your Blood Sugar And Are To Be Avoided And Limited




  • Simple Carbohydrates: Everyone knows sugar is bad. So, they avoid sugar but consume carbs. Simple carbs are also sugar for our body. This includes white starches with little fiber, sweets, and a whole host of unhealthy baked goods which are the biggest culprits. So if you are eating a sugar-free cookie, that flour is also sugar my dear. 
  • Grains: While whole grains are better for your blood sugar levels, grains contain gluten which can cause inflammation in everyone, not just those with a gluten intolerance. Inflammation is a big driving force for diabetes. Grains often have toxins and mould which should be avoided. They are not very nutritious so they have little benefit for your body. 
  • All Dairy Aside From Raw Dairy: Pasteurized dairy contains casein which is almost like gluten and can cause inflammation, even in people who are not allergic to casein. 
  • Fruits: Even fruits should be limited to using a slice to add flavor to your smoothies or as an occasional dessert because they contain a sugar called fructose. 
  • MSG ( Mono Sodium Glutamate ): This is the flavor enhancer used in many foods typically in Chinese foods. It spikes the insulin by 300%. Next time when you eat in the Chinese restaurant, just feel how soon hungry you got again. 
  • Nicotine And Caffeine: One coffee per day is fine but 5 cups will exhaust your adrenals and will give you insulin spikes. 

Foods That Do Not Spike Your Blood Sugar Levels 

  • Healthy Fats: Though fats had a bad rap for years they are needed by our bodies. They are used in our cell walls, our brains, and to absorb and use fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and k. They are also used in the production and balancing of hormones. As a bonus, they have no effect on your blood sugar levels. 
  • High-Quality Protein: Protein also has little effect on your blood sugar levels as long as you do not eat them excessively. 0.6 grams per lbs of body weight is s must. Excessive protein stimulates the Insulin release as well. Protein with lots of carbs has a compound effect on the release of insulin that we do not wat all. Poor quality protein causes more harm than good to go for grass-fed meat and free range eggs. 
  • High Fibre Foods: Fibre slows down digestion which helps to keep blood sugar levels stable and keeps you fuller for longer. Diabetes often causes people to feel hungry all the time. High fibre foods will not only help for this, but there are a lot of nutritious high fibre foods available. Get at least 30 g of fibre every day. 

Food For Type 2 Diabetes 

Foods Containing Healthy Fats




  • Avocados: Avocados are a good source of polyunsaturated (PUFA) and monounsaturated (MUFA) fatty acids. These fats help to raise the good cholesterol (HDL) in your body which protects your heart and arteries. They also have fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants to boost your health. Eat them raw to benefit fully. The best way to eat avocados is to make a smoothie with all other goodies. 
  • Nuts And Seeds: Just like avocados, they contain healthy fats that boost HDL cholesterol in your body. They also provide healthy minerals and vitamins, one of them being magnesium, a mineral that most people are deficient in. Magnesium is essential for good heart health. Soak them before eating to remove anti-nutrients and never roast them to protect the fats. Consume them Raw. I have seen people sitting with a pacet of nuts. Remember nuts are very high in calories and too much of a thing is never good. The best way is to count the pieces and stick to that. 
  • Fish: Fatty fish is a good source of omega 3 which fights inflammation in the body, improves eye health, and is important for your brain to function properly. It also helps to regulate your mood. Wild salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines are good choices. Good quality fish is a good source of protein too. Bake your fish at a low temperature to enjoy it. 

Foods High In Protein 

  • Free-Range Eggs: While the egg whites contain protein, the egg yolks are the most nutritious part of the egg, be sure to eat them too. Egg yolk is an especially good source of vitamin D which is important for good immune function and healing wounds. Eat your eggs raw to preserve the nutrients. 
  • Grass-Fed Meat: High-quality grass-fed meat like lamb and beef are excellent sources of protein. Beef contains nutrients that are beneficial for good thyroid function which can help you to reach a healthy weight. Both lamb and beef contain zinc which gives you energy. Roast them covered at a low heat in their own juices. They should be slightly pink inside.

Foods High In Fibre


high fiber foods


  • Okra: This green vegetable helps to slow down the rate at which sugar is absorbed. This means that your blood sugar levels stay more stable. It's also a source of vitamin C which is good for joint health and wound healing and vitamin K which is good for your heart. 
  • Broccoli: Broccoli contains chromium which is a mineral that regulates blood sugar levels to keep them in a healthy range. 
  • Spinach: As well as being high in fibre, this leafy vegetable also contains much-needed magnesium. 
  • Sweet potato: Healthy starches are necessary when grains have been cut out. Though it's quite sweet, it has a lot of fibre and other healthy vitamins and minerals beneficial to your body. They are low GI meaning they don't spike your blood sugar and they provide slow-releasing energy which combats fatigue. 

Steam these high fibre foods to preserve their nutrients. Your meals should always contain healthy fats, protein and fibre to provide a healthy balance and to give you long-lasting energy, satiety and to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Cook with healthy saturated fats like lard, ghee, and coconut oil because they handle heat better. 

Use olive oil as a salad dressing to add more healthy fats to your meals. Spices like cinnamon, ginger, coriander and apple cider vinegar help to regulate your blood sugar levels too as well as making the food taste good. Read more here about reversing diabetes naturally.   


  • A healthy diet reverse diabetes
  • Make sure all your meals are balanced with right macronutrients Fats, Proteins, and Carbs.
  • Foods with healthy fats include avocados, fish, nuts, and seeds.
  • Good-quality protein foods include grass-fed meat and free-range eggs
  • High-fibre foods include okra, broccoli, spinach, and sweet potato
  • Cook with healthy saturated fats like ghee and coconut oil
  • Add spices like cinnamon and ginger to further regulate your blood sugar levels 



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