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5 Ways to Treat Hair Fall Naturally | Managing Lifestyle - Palak Notes

Basically what is hair falling?

Have you recently realised that there is more hair in your brush than there used to be? 
  • Hair fall is not an issue. The main issue is losing our hair and never getting them back from the same follicle. Not having a regrowth of hair - is the actual matter of concern. We always observe hair falling when 50% of hair is already lost.  
  • Moreover, regrowing and improving the quality of hair is an internal and external approach. Using shampoos, conditioners, masks and going for hair spas are your external approach to hair loss treatment.
  • But, you all know, I believe in going with an internal approach. 
  • I will guide you to increase the best vitamins for hair loss in your daily routine. As an external treatment can do nothing with body deficiencies.   
So, “Pull your socks up!’’. Whether you are a male or a female, I will help you to get through this. Let's do it together.  

Before this let's find out, what causes hair damage?  

Hair fall has 3 major factors: our diet, any hormonal imbalance and our stress level. In diet we evaluate the protein intake with its absorption rate. 
  • Crash Diets Or Starvation- Men and women try to lose weight drastically by following the crash diets and doing portion controls, that too with heavy workout, neglecting their daily nutritional requirement. Obsession of weight loss, led you people to nutritional deficiencies which eventually results in drastic hair fall.  
  • Alopecia areata- Alopecia areata is an autoimmune and chronic inflammatory disease which affects the hair follicles, and eventually results in hair fall. The onset may be at any age and there is no known race. Alopecia areata usually presents as patches of hair loss on the scalp. The affected skin may be slightly reddened but otherwise appears normal. [1] 


             hair loss treatment, Best vitamins for hair loss
        Alopecia Areata 

        • Lack of Proteins - Your hair is made up of 97% proteins and 3% water. Therefore, your diet must contain 40-50% of proteins in your plate. But, being Indians and majorly vegetarians we are lacking in this. Hence, this is one of the significant causes of Hair fall. That is the reason, I have researched and launched Fit and Lean Protein Shake to provide the proteins required for a healthy body. 
        • Absorption of Proteins - Addition and absorption of proteins are two completely different things. Proteins if not absorbed can accumulate and act as a toxin in your body, by increasing your uric acid, creatinine levels, etc. You may face some digestive issues as well such as, gastritis, farting and bloating, etc. That is why I always ask you to take my Betaine HCL + Pepsin with my Protein Shakes or your high protein diet. 
        • Lack of vitamins and minerals - Earlier we used to believe that hair fall is only caused by the deficiency of iron, but that is not true. Hair loss treatment needs Vitamin B12 and folate for the absorption of Iron. Now, the question arises, what is the relation of these two with Iron? Vitamin B12 activates an enzyme, called methionine synthase, that helps in the absorption of folate, which is responsible for the production of DNA during cell formation [2]. Which later, carries the 4 molecules of Iron.   

        Hence, these three work together in the anaemic condition as well, which is easily available in my Organic Blood Builder. My Organic Blood Builder is a great help for teenage girls who have just entered puberty or started with periods.  

               Addition to this, the best vitamins for hair loss also contain Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Vitamin E .

        • Vitamin D deficiency- Vitamin D is important as it maintains the size and the thickness of your hair. Therefore, deficiency in Vitamin D is directly linked with hair loss. 
        • Stress or weak mental health - I have always been talking about our mental health, as it is the backbone to our lifestyle. Lack of sleep or anxiety is also an important reason for weak hair follicles. There are two mechanisms in our body- Hyaluronic Acid and proteoglycan synthesis which drops upto 40% during stress. These two are responsible for deciding the regrowth of your hair. Therefore, it is important to go for Social Media Fasting at least twice in a week.  
        • Hormonal Imbalance- If you have grey hair and stuck weight, then this might be due to an underline thyroid. Thyroid hormones bind with the hair follicle receptors and decide the regrowth of the hair. That is why you lose hair while suffering from Thyroid. Another hormonal imbalance which can affect your hair growth or cause you crown baldness is the dominance of Oestrogen hormone in the body.  

        As you have me, take a deep breath and let's work in the right direction. 



            Lifestyle Tips:

        • Adding Biotin- Biotin is nothing, but your vitamin B7. Biotin is responsible for improving the infrastructure of keratin, which will further increase the growth of hair follicles.  

        One should take biotin with a zinc mineral, as the mineral is responsible for DNA synthesis and immune function. Though, one can get biotin easily in food but still we get deficient due to poor absorption and our body’s low absorption rate.  

        Therefore, after a lot of research and hard work, I have made Thick and Grow which has D- biotin, which is easy to absorb and combined with zinc. D- biotin forms part of several enzyme systems and is necessary for normal growth and body function. Hence, helping in alopecia areata as well. [3] 

        • Adding seeds in Mid Meals- High fibre and good fat seeds like chia, flax, and hemp seeds can promote hair development. You should also add pumpkin seeds for a good source of zinc, which is essential for healthy hair. And if you are a seafood lover, fish is a must add meal. Fish is a rich source of omega 3 which helps in thickening the hair and deals with dandruff and hair thinning.  

        But as we know all these are hot foods and if consumed in high amounts can work against you. Therefore, one should opt for supplements. 

        • Choosing Right Supplements for Hair loss- I know, we cannot wait for long to see our long and beautiful hair. Hence, one should choose supplements for the better absorption of vitamins required for hair loss. Apart from the vitamins that I have mentioned above, you should also add Vitamin A and Vitamin E for hair loss. As these vitamins help to prevent hair loss by protecting your hair from UV rays and moisturising your scalp. 
        • Lowering the Cortisol Level- Lowering your cortisol level or stress hormone isn’t that simple, but it isn’t that hard either. You should take 1 hour for your hobbies for that, but without your phone. For instance, I workout for 1-2 hours to get my cortisol levels in range.

        Surprisingly, you should add protein rich diets or Fit and Lean Protein Shake as I have mentioned above, to enhance your happy hormones, with deep breathing exercise. 

        hair loss treatment, Best vitamins for hair loss 
        • Hair Wash Frequency- How many times do you wash your hair in a week? Are you washing your hair or your scalp? Cleaning the scalp and hair shaft are two different scenarios. The remedies like curd and oil are damaging the roots only if applied to the scalp.   

        Therefore you should always judge whether you are taking a head bath for scalp or hair. You should wash your hair twice-thrice in a week if you are washing only the hair shaft, as natural oil is important for our scalp for healthy hair. 

        • DIY Oil- According to the National Library of Medicine, one should use hair oil containing 5-6 drops of rosemary oil in your mother oil such as coconut oil and almond oil, etc.   


        [1] https://www.nhs.uk/livewell/hairloss/documents/alopecia%20areata.pdf 

        [2] https://www.nal.usda.gov/sites/fnic.nal.usda.gov/files/uploads/Ch4_35-50.pdf

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