3 Surprisingly Best Sources of Calcium for Healthy Bones

3 Surprisingly Best Sources of Calcium for Healthy Bones - Palak Notes

"Calcium Tablets do not directly increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis. Even recent studies indicate that people taking calcium supplements alone are more prone to heart-related problems like heart attacks. There are other minerals that are required with calcium for healthy bones. In this article, I will cover how to naturally prevent osteoporosis and increase bone density in the body. We often associate old age to weakening and bending of bones.


This cause aches, pains and overall degrade of lifestyle. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, every 3 seconds there is an osteoporotic fracture in the world. But, this should neither happen to you nor to your ageing parents. ” Aging does not necessarily mean diseases “ So, why does this happen at all? What lifestyle changes can we implement now to be able to have healthy bones today and in future?  


Natural Food Sources of Calcium

Natural food sources of calcium are the best source as compared to the pills, as food not only provides calcium but also gives more nutrients while calcium pills will only provide calcium. Also, food which has calcium in it is easy and better absorbed by our body and utilized to its fullest as compared to pills. Our body cannot make calcium of their own so that’s why it is important to get it externally. The Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) of calcium is 1000-1200 mg daily.


    Whey Protein


    Protein Powder
      The best source of calcium is Whey protein. Whey protein is available in the market in the form of protein powders or when you make cottage cheese in your house, the yellow liquid that is left is whey protein. That is why it is always suggested not to throw the yellow liquid as it is Whey protein. The liquid that is there in the yogurt is also Whey. When you strain yogurt to make it thicker, the water you are left with is Whey protein. So stop throwing that liquid as it's filled with natural proteins and has many other health benefits like:
      • Builds muscle strength
      • Provides cellular energy
      • Improves immunity
      • Prevents diseases like cancer and HIV
      • Lowers blood pressure to healthy levels without side effects, unlike blood pressure medications.
      • Reduces the risk of thrombosis, thereby helping to prevent heart attacks and strokes.
      • Improves prostate health and prevents prostate cancer
      • Promotes healthy gut bacteria and inhibits harmful bacteria
      • Cleanses the bladder and helps prevent bladder infections
      • Corrects hormonal imbalances
      • Slows down ageing
      • Promotes weight loss
      • Improves digestion, in a manner similar to fibre
      • Supports healthy kidney function


      If you are buying in powdered form kindly prefer Whey Isolate. Also, check the sweeteners and artificial flavours in it. And try if possible not to buy any artificial flavoured Whey. Your Whey should be not micro-filtered, cross-flow filtered, hydrolyzed or ion-exchanged as all these methods denature the original proteins. The protein intake in your body should always be checked as an excess of protein intake can cause weight gain. In case if you are not looking for any weight training or aiming for muscle gain than 0.8 gram per Kg of body weight is enough.






      Processed foods are mostly cheaper than Real food, but sardines are a remarkable exception. Canned sardines are one of the few budget-friendly and extremely healthy moveable “fast foods”. They do not carry the same mercury risk which bigger fishes do carry. Adding sardines to your meals can help you control many problems like:
      • It reduces your risk of heart diseases
      • It prevents blood clots
      • Maintains eye health
      • Gives the immune system a boost and fight free radicals
      • It helps combat anxiety and depression
      • It protects bone health
      • It provides many essential vitamins and minerals to your body
      • It has anti-cancer properties


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      Raw Milk


      The milk that you consume in tetra packs or packets in your house is Pasteurized and Homogenized milk. It is not Raw milk. Raw milk contains 300mg of calcium and not the ordinary milk which you drink. It is believed that heating the Raw milk kills many of the beneficial properties of the milk.
      Yes! Pasteurizing the milk increases the shelf life and safety, but it's not worth drinking that. Raw milk comes from the grass-fed cows which are unpasteurized and unhomogenized. This raw milk contains all the fatty acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals making it a “complete food”. Benefits of drinking raw milk are:
      • It reduces allergies
      • It helps improve skin health
      • It helps prevent nutrient deficiencies
      • It can be used to make probiotic foods
      • It does not contain any added sugar or synthetic ingredients.


      In the end, all I would like to conclude is that calcium is an essential nutrient required for our body as it is the main element for bone health. And the calcium consumed as food naturally contains many other nutrients as compared to the pills. So kindly have the correct food for the correct calcium intake in your body.


      If it is not possible to have calcium-rich foods and your doctor advice calcium supplements. For calcium tablet, do not take more than 500 mg in one go and take it together with Vitamin D, Magnesium and Vitamin K2. 


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      Plant Based Calcium



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