Palak Notes Pure and Natural Vitamin E Sea Buckthorn Berry | 30 Softgels

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Palak Notes Pure and Natural Vitamin E Sea Buckthorn Berry 

Product Description

Palak Notes Vitamin E is a powerful and essential anti-oxidant. Vitamin E contains a blend of 400 I.U Vitamin E which is equivalent to the 268.4 mg D- Alpha Tocopherol derived from the natural source and Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil which provide Omega 3,6,7 and 9.

 How does it work?

These softgels are safe to use for improving skin allergies and brain cognitive function.  Take 1 softgel every day after the lunch, or as directed by the healthcare professional. 

 Why should you take it?

Vitamin E is the essential product to balance the hormones and skin issues. Apart from this, other benefits of the product include:

- Promotes Cardiovascular Health

- Prevents Cataracts Formation

- Balances Cholesterol


Features and Details

-1 bottle contains 30 softgels

-Contains Vitamin E which is fat-soluble help prevent damage to the body cells. People with digestive issues, such as chronic bowel illness, or those who have had gastrointestinal surgery may require vitamin E supplementation because their systems are less able to absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

-Contains Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil which removes free radicals -- molecules that can damage cells. The plant is also very helpful against cancer, improves heart health and skin related issues.


 Q1. Is this Supplement Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian?

 Vitamin E is extracted from organic plants like Sea Buckthorn Berry which makes it 100% vegetarian and natural at the same time. 

 Q2. What are the Benefits of this Supplement?

 - Improves Cardiovascular Health

- Balances Cholesterol

- Prevents Cataract Formation

 Q3. Who can take this product?

 -People with Dry Skin

-People with Eye Issues

-Women after Menopause

 Q4. What is the right way to take Vitamin E?

Take 1 softgel every day after the lunch, or as directed by the healthcare professional.


Scientific Studies

Sea buckthorn berry


An abundant source of vitamin E

Sea buckthorn is an abundant source of multiple vitamins. The nutrient and phytochemical composition acknowledge its nutritional and medicinal values. The composition of vitamin E lies between 110 to 160 mg%. All eight members of the Vitamin E family exist in sea buckthorn puree. In addition, sea buckthorn is an organic source of omega, 3, 6, 9, and 7


Supports a Healthy Heart

Sea buckthorn puree has anti-inflammatory property that reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by diminishing C-reactive protein. It has been found that Sea buckthorn can improve cardiac index, cardiac output, heart stroke index, and left ventricular power index of the myocardium. Total flavones contents present in Sea buckthorn puree can control hypertension and modulate activated angiotensin-2 induced by a high-carb diet. 

Supports Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Preclinical research findings reported that sea buckthorn purees could modulate atherogenic index in hypercholesterolemic conditions by reducing blood glucose and lipid level. 

Research evidence found that Sea buckthorn increases HDL cholesterol levels and reduces LDL- cholesterol levels.  

Dry skin

Sea buckthorn puree containing vitamin E maintains the lipid and moisture content to keep skin smooth and prevent photo-aging by improving the skin barrier function of the stratum corneum. 

 Vaginal health benefits 

The thinning and drying of vaginal mucosa are commonly associated with menopause. Sea buckthorn is an effective alternative to estrogen treatment for menopausal women. Sea buckthorn supplementation helps to maintain mucosal integrity and vaginal health for menopausal women. 

 Strengthens & Boosts Immune System

Sea buckthorn can alleviate hematological damage. The string antioxidant property of Sea buckthorn scavenges free radicals, increases immune cell survival duration, and supports cellular proliferation. All together these mechanisms stimulate immune functioning. Sea buckthorn can heal cutaneous wound, burns wound, and dermal wound healing by inducing antioxidant properties. 

 Liver health support

Moreover, Sea buckthorn acts as a hepatoprotective by regulating different liver enzymes. Therefore, Sea buckthorn prevents liver toxicity.

 Powerful whole food nutrition for whole-body health

Sea buckthorn puree containing vitamin E, micro and macronutrients, sugars, oil, and organic acids are the ultimate source of nutrition for human health. This composition helps every individual for restoring and maintains optimal health. 

 Brain health support

The alpha and gamma-linolenic acids present in Sea Buckthorn exhibit antidepressant effects. Supplementation of this natural ingredient normalizes brain functions and the central nervous system.