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Product Description

Palak Notes Menopause is essential to help balance hormones in our body. Menopause contains a blend of Dong Quai, Calcium Citrate Maleate, Organic Maca Root, Vitex (Chaste berry Extract), Black Cohosh Root Powder and Red Clover. These ingredients are essential for people going through Menopause transition.

How does it work?

These capsules are safe to use for hormonal acne, perimenopause and mood swings. Take 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 capsule after lunch, or as directed by the healthcare professional. 

 Why should you take it?

Menopause is the ultimate solution for balancing the hormones of body. Apart from this, other benefits of the product include

-Helps people with Mood Swings

-Helps in tackling Hot Flashes

 Features and Details

-1 bottle contains 60 capsules

-Contains Dong Quai which is a Chinese medicine useful for menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps and migraine

-Contains Chaste berry Extract which is useful for symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, breast pain associated with the menstrual cycle, infertility, and other conditions



Q1. Is this Supplement Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian?

Menopause is extracted from organic plants like Dong Quai and Chaste berry Extract which makes it 100% vegetarian and natural at the same time. 


 Q2. What are the Benefits of this Supplement?

- Fights against Hormonal Acne

- Relief from Night Sweats

- Helps for Mood Swings


 Q3. Who can take this product?

-People going through Menopause transition

-People having Night Sweats and Hot Flashes


Q4. What is the right way to take Menopause capsules?

Take 1 capsules after breakfast and 1 capsule after lunch, or as directed by the healthcare professional.



Dietary supplements blended with multiple natural ingredients are essential during menopause to manage associated discomfort.  

Dong Quai

Treat hot flashes

Dong Quai is effective in treating hot flashes. Some women acknowledged that dong Quai relieves premenopausal symptoms like hot flashesSome research findings also supported that Dong Quai significantly decreased hot flashes compared to placebo

Resolve sleep disturbance 

Research findings reported that Dong Quai could alleviate sleep disturbances

Hormonal balance 

The circulated estradiol level increased accompanied by a reduction of serum follicle-stimulating hormone. But no significant impact on serum luteinizing hormone level was observed. As a result, the hormonal adjustment prevents degenerations of the ovary, uterus, and vagina during and after menopause

Restoring reproductive organ degeneration and skeleton deterioration

Dong Quai possesses a positive regulation of estrogen imbalance and neurotransmitter disorder

Calcium Citrate Maleate 

Maintenance of bone mass

Bone loss is a common problem for peri-or postmenopause. CCM is particularly beneficial for calcium source that maintains bone health and prevents skeletal system disorders. Supplementation with calcium citrate malate was more effective than other calcium supplementation

Organic Maca Root (Black+Red+Yellow)

Relief from menopause symptoms

Relieved symptoms of menopausal discomfort like hot flushes and night sweating etc. 

Mood elevation

A 2016 study in 175 people living at either low or high altitudes demonstrated that taking 3 grams of red or black maca per day for 12 weeks improved mood and energy scores compared with a placebo. Another study performed on menopausal women stated that maca could reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety compared with a placebo. 

Toner of hormonal processes 

Maca stimulates estrogen production and suppresses blood FSH, thyroid and adrenocorticotropic hormones, cortisol, and BMI. Maca also increases low-density lipoproteins and blood iron. 

Vitex (Chasteberry extract)

Stabilizes emotional health

An Open survey report involving 52 peri- and postmenopausal women stated that 33% of the participants reported major improvement in troublesome symptoms primarily emotional problems like mood swings within 3 months period of treatment. Vitex can control hot flashes also

Black Cohosh Root Powder 10:1

Relief of menopausal symptoms

The German health authorities (Commission E) have approved the use of 40 mg/day of black cohosh for 6 months for relief of menopausal symptoms primarily hot flashes and mood swings

Red Clover

Quality of life improvement

Red clover is a rich source of rich in isoflavones and acts as a phytoestrogen. Supplementation of red clover is ideal for women suffering from menopausal complications. It can probably have desirable effects not only on relieving the menopausal symptoms but also on cardiovascular and skeletal systems

Night sweat relief

One of the significant benefits of Red clover is to relieve many menopausal symptoms including night sweat

Boron (as Boron Trioxide) 

Support bone health

Boron supplementation markedly reduces urinary excretion of both calcium and magnesium and increases serum levels of estradiol and calcium absorption in peri- and postmenopausal women. Boron also beneficially impacts vitamin-D utilization and stimulates bone growth. 

Silicon (From Horse Tail Extract) 

Prevention of Osteoporosis

Horse Tail Extract has a high concentration of silicon that induces bone regeneration and inhibits osteoclastogenesis. Thus, silicon can reduce the risk of hormonal imbalance-related osteoporosis in menopausal women

Manganese (Manganese Sulfate)

Risk reduction of diabetes 

Manganese deficiency is often found in menopausal women that increases the risk of type 2-diabetes. Studies found that dietary manganese could lower the risk of type 2 diabetes among postmenopausal women