Brain Gummies for Kids

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Product Description

Tasty and healthy brain gummies for kids with EPA and DHA for better brain functioning and brain health, strawberry flavour, a pack of 45 tasty gummies

Making your child eat right is undoubtedly a huge task but your kids need the right nutrients for their bodies to keep growing and their organs developing. If you are one of those parents struggling to make your child eat healthy, your search ends here. Palak notes has come up with the brilliant idea of mixing health and taste together in the form of yummy kids gummies. Excellent for your child's brain health, contains DHA essential for neurological and visual development and EPA for a healthy, more focused brain. Also, contains other pure and essential ingredients for the best results.

Who Can Take It?

  • Children Between The Age Of 2 To 18 Years
  • For Better Focus And Concentration In Children
  • For A Sharper Memory And Accuracy
  • For Better Learning In Kids


Q1: Which age group of kids is this suitable for?

Kids between 2 to 18 years of age can take these gummies.

Q2:  Is the product sugar free?

This is a sugar free product. We add no sugar in our products so it is safer and healthier for consumption. It is even gluten and soy free. Also, the sugary taste of the gummies is from prebiotic FOS which is beneficial for the gut bacteria and provides immunity.

Q3: What is the advised dosage?

Kids up to the age of 6 can take 1 gummy after meals and for kids beyond the age of 6 can take 2-3 gummies a day.

Q4: How is palak notes brain gummies for kids different from the rest?

We always try to make our products as natural as possible and promote no unhealthy preservatives and fillers.

  • Our gummies are sugar free.
  • They contain EPA and DHA both for brain health.
  • It has Palak Notes proprietary blend of Ayurveda herbs.

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