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Palak notes: Sleep well capsules with GABA, melatonin and Palak notes proprietary sleep well blend promoting restful sleep: 60 capsules


Spending your nights tossing and turning is one of the worst things you can do. When you have trouble falling asleep, the effects go beyond simply feeling sleepy the next day. This is true whether it's because of stress related to money problems, anxiety about the job, or just plain insomnia.

Additionally, sleep issues might result in greater weight gain and raise your risk of getting sick.

Insomnia or difficulty sleeping can also have a financial impact because it is linked to low productivity, accidents at work, and excessive medical expenses.

Even if it seems like a lot of individuals have trouble sleeping soundly, concerns with insomnia and sleep need to be addressed because they are not common. Getting insufficient sleep?

One of the most crucial things you can do to maintain your body's health is to get enough sleep.

Let's talk about how to solve this problem and some little-unknown facts about sleepless nights. When you have trouble sleeping, this will help you get a good night of sleep. Your body will enjoy it!

Features and details:- 

  • Superior quality, easy to swallow, a pack of 60 veg capsules. With a serving size of 2 veg capsules daily. 
  • 500mg GABA and 5mg melatonin for better sleep and relaxation. 
  • A unique palak notes proprietary sleep well blend of L-ornithine as HCL, 5 hydroxy tryptophan as griffonia simplicifolia (seed), L-theanine and L- tryptophan. 
  • Provides sleep support and promotes quality and restful sleep. Best for post workout recoveries, jet lags and energy production. 
  • Soy free, gluten free, GMO free, sugar free and preservatives free. A product certified by GMP, ISO and HACCP. 

Who can take? 

  • People with disturbed sleep cycle
  • People having energy related issues
  • People who experience jet lags 
  • People looking for better workout recoveries


Q1:- Is it okay for me to take these capsules daily? 

A:- Start taking them daily for at least 2 months for proper results and then you can take them on and off. As and when you feel the requirement.

Q2:- Is the product habit forming? Will it make me too dependent? 

A:- The capsules won't make you addicted to them as such. You can take them for about 2 months everyday and once you have restored your natural sleep cycle, you can stop taking the capsules and take it only when required. 

Q3:- How long does melatonin last and what's the best time to take the capsule? 

A:- It has an effect for about 5 hours. It usually starts showing its effects in 30 minutes after consumption. It's advisable to take the capsule 1 hour or so prior to your bedtime. 

Q4:- Who can take these capsules? 

A:- People who have trouble falling asleep and showcase a wide range of mood swings, anger or irritability, also, the ones who have trouble recollecting their dreams or don't wake up fresh in the morning can take these capsules. 

Q5:- Is 5mg melatonin better than 10 mg? 

A:- Though it is safe to consume melatonin up to 10 mg but starting with a low dose is always a safer option to see how your body will react to it. Also, 5mg dosage is generally sufficient for desired results. 

Scientific studies:-


Reduce brain excitability and induce sleep

This is a neurotransmitter present in our central nervous system (CNS) to inhibit the brain excitability. Therefore GABA supplementation activates GABA receptors present in the CNS to induce sleep


Helps in quick asleep 

Dietary supplementation of melatonin is helpful for individuals who have insomnia. Research studies have shown  that melatonin helps in quick asleep for those with delayed sleep phases and wake up late at the next day. 

Palak Notes Proprietary Sleep well Blend


Treat fatigue condition due to sleep derivation 

L-Ornithine supplement is good to treat fatigue conditions arising due to deprived sleep because of increased stress level.  A human trial conducted in Japan reported L-ornithine supplementation has the potential to relieve stress and improve sleep quality related to fatigue

Griffonia Simplicifolia seed



Reduction of stress-related symptoms

A human trial result showed that L-Theanine supplementation can reduce stress-related symptoms in four-week administration.  A significant improvement was noticed  in different sleep parameters such as Sleep Quality Index, sleep latency, sleep disturbance and reduction of sleep medication. Altogether researchers reported  that L-Theanine intake can manage stress-related ailments

Research evidence has proven that the combination of GABA and l-theanine has synergistic effect on sleep quality and also improves the sleep duration by modulating neurological functioning. Thus, this combination positively affects sleep behavior. 


Reduction of total wakefulness at night

Individuals with mild insomnia can  get benefit from L-Tryptophan supplementation by decreasing  total wakefulness  and increasing sleep time. L-Tryptophan promotes sleep, as it acts as a precursor to the sleep-inducing compounds serotonin, and melatonin present in the brain as neurotransmitters. 

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