Best and Worst Sweeteners for Diabetes and Weight Loss

Best and Worst Sweeteners for Diabetes and Weight Loss - Palak Notes

Sugar, in general,  contributes to obesity, diabetes, weight gain, heart disease, liver damage, and inflammation. But, to imagine a life without sweets is not possible. We all love sweets and fortunately cutting Sugar does not necessarily means cutting those yummy desserts from the diet. In this article, I intend to transfer my knowledge for the Best and Worst Sweeteners for your health. If you have this knowledge you can always read the labels and look for "Healthy Ones" .


You all must be thinking that if there is such a category called Good or Bad sweeteners, why not all sugar-free food stuff available on the market contains good sweeteners? The answer is simple. Making a natural and calorie-free sweetener widely available could potentially kill the artificial sweetener industry. Yes! I am sorry to share with you that we are victims of these big profit making giant companies. This is my motivation to educate people about the goods and the bad for their health.

List Of Best Natural Sweeteners In The Market 


1. Stevia


    Stevia is, a herb native to South America. Stevia is 100% Natural. Other advantages include:
    • It has ZERO calories
    •  300% SWEETER than Sugar. If you don't find it bitter, its one of the safest Natural Sweeteners.
    • It DOES NOT cause an increase in blood sugar levels
    • Stevia contains different antioxidants including apigenin, kaempferol, and quercitrin.


    There are many types of stevia. Ideally, you should get full, green leaf stevia. It's green in color. The one I love is with the Vanilla flavor. Here you can buy this.  Some people find the taste of stevia bitter. In order to mask that bitter taste, you can also find chocolate stevia, vanilla stevia, chocolate raspberry stevia and pumpkin pie spice stevia.


    Buying Decision 


    There are many brands out there with different additives. Be careful with these additives. Stay away from brands that have additives like

    • Rebiana
    • Dextrose
    • Maltodextrin


    If you have any symptoms like Brain Fog, Headache after taking stevia, please discontinue.


    Why we do not see Stevia Based products on the Market so often 

    Food Industry Giants lobbying efforts were able to manipulate the law in the USA and declared Stevia as a dietary supplement and not a sweetener. You can buy it in the stores but if there is any product containing Stevia, it will be pulled off the shelves.  


    2. Xylitol


    Sugar alcohols such as xylitol are not as sweet as sugar. Xylitol does contain calories that's why this is listed below Stevia on my list. You must have often heard from your mom that eating sugar will decay your tooth. Well, the good news is that Xylitol inhibits bacteria that cause plaque and tooth decay, whereas most sugars feed those bacteria. Satisfy your sweet tooth with Xylitol without the disadvantages of Sugar.


    Buying decision  Careful with the origin


    Make sure you get xylitol extracted from hardwood and not GMO corn. As most Xylitol Comes from GMO Corn When the popularity of xylitol started to skyrocket, companies made a cheaper version so they started using corn. Around 95% of all corn produced is Genetically Modified, so be careful when buying Xylitol .


    The other problem which is unlikely to cause if you take it in a large amount is loose stools and Diarrhea. You can substitute 1:1 with sugar. but please do not overdo. I would recommend this. 


    Further Advantages Of Xylotol 


    1. Reduces Ear Infection
    2. Fight Diabetes
    3. Great for Oral Health. So enjoy your Xylotol Chewingums.

    Toxic Artificial Sweeteners That Are Worse Than Sugar 


    Artificial Sweeteners, In General, Confuse Our Metabolism


     When we eat something sweet with artificial sweeteners (AS) in it, our body thinks that it is going to receive calories. But AS has no calories, as a result, the hormone Leptin that is produced by the body on receiving calories is not released. Leptin also signals the brain that "You are Full". Since this hormone Leptin is not released, the brain never gets the signal that it is full and we crave for Carbohydrates and gain weight.  


    1. Aspartame (NutraSweet)


    This sweet poison is sold under the leading brands Equal, NutraSweet, AminoSweet, NutraTaste, Spoonful, Benevia, Canderel, and many popular "diet" foods and beverages. It is a cocktail of chemicals which causes:


    1. Weight gain: Yes" we substitute sugar with these sweeteners for losing weight and it is found that chemicals like Aspartame cause more obesity than sugar by making us more hungry and promoting fat storage.
    2. Birth Defects
    3. Cancer
    4. Brain Tumor
    5. Alzheimer´s Disease
    6. High blood pressure
    7. Emotional Disorder and Depression


    How To Avoid This Toxic Chemical Hidden In Our Food Chain 

     cough drops


    1. Move away from buying products marketed as “reduced calorie,” “sugar-free,” and “diet,”. Read the label first.
    Aspartame is commonly found in:

    • Flavored low sugar Yogurts 
    • Carbonated soft drinks marketed as "Diet"
    • Chewable vitamins
    • Sugar-free cough drops


    Here you can find 50+ products with Aspartame in it 


      2. Say no to coke and all those diet Coke and Sodas  Read this famous infographic created by Dr. Mercola "Coke Is a Joke"


    2. Splenda (Sucralose)


    Artificial Sweetener sucralose (brand name Splenda) is today found in more than 4500 products in the market. Pepsico uses this product in "Diet Pepsi". It is, unfortunately, one of the most top selling AS on the market. Splenda wreaks havoc in our gut bacteria (Good bacteria), leaving us more prone to a number of diseases. Many food administration's claim that it is safe to consume Splenda, which is "NOT TRUE". When Sucralose was given to animals:


    • There were signs of Anemia (Decreased Red Blood Cells)
    • Enlarged Kidneys
    • Spontaneous abortion

    Sucralose is a chemical created in the labs after high processing.


    Conclusion For Best And Worst Sweeteners


    Natural Sweeteners

     Like Stevia, Raw Honey, Mapel Syrup, Dates, Coconut Sugar, Blackstrap Molasses, Brown Rice Syrup. Stevia being the only one with "Zero Calories" .


    Sugar Alcohols 

    Ends with "Ol" Like Xylitol, Erythritol, Sorbitol, maltitol, and mannitol. They are not as sweet as Sugar, but second best option after Natural Sweeteners.


     Toxic Sweeteners

     Aspartame (Nutrasweet), Splenda (Sucralose), Acesulfame potassium (Ace-K), High-fructose corn syrup.


     Check the labels of the products marketed as “reduced calorie,” “sugar-free,” and “diet,” for Toxic chemical sugar substitutes like Splenda and Aspartame.


    Your first choice as a substitute for sugar should be Stevia, Xylitol or Raw honey. Based upon this information, now you can make the informed decision about best and worst sweeteners. Here you can read more about Natural and Safe Sweeteners. It would be great if you can share some of your yummy "Dessert Recipes" that you prepare with natural sweeteners.  "

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